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Policy Brief: Open Door Clinic

Open Door Clinic: Access to Healthcare for Persons Experiencing Homelessness in Mexico City

Published: November 29 th , 2022

  • Healthcare
  • Homelessness
  • Leave No One Behind
  • Invisibility
  • Human Rights
  • Pandemic

Written by:
Ph.D. Alí Ruiz Coronel

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Homelessness is a socio-structural problem that requires a comprehensive, inter-institutional intervention model with strict adherence to human rights, within which human dignity is of particular importance.

The purpose of the Open Door Clinic is to capitalize on the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, to reduce inequalities in healthcare access experienced by homeless persons in Mexico City. Health is understood from a wide perspective, which includes access to drinking water, sanitary conditions, nutrition, housing, employment, and education, through an intervention methodology based on the restoration of human rights on an equal opportunities basis, without any form of discrimination. The proposal states the need for leveling measures to ensure free and universal access to healthcare, by means of intersectoral affirmative action.

Affirmative actions are standardization or leveling measures focused on including the most excluded sectors, which suffer severe inequality. That is, these much needed actions are unique, specific, and temporary measures for homeless persons, aimed at reducing the inequalities so they can exercise their right to health. Furthermore, they are inter-sectoral, because a call is made from academia to civil society experts, corresponding government agencies, and even third sector entities, which practice social responsibility.

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